Membership Information

Pool Memberships Are Available!
Want to make sure that our Club can continue to offer lower fees than comparable pools?  Want to make the Pool a fun place to get together and relax on summer days? We need everyone’s help to bring in new members!
Invite friends to check us out – they can visit free on a One-Day Courtesy Pass.  Members who recruit new members can earn one of great thank-you gifts. Contact Greg Karpman for details:
[email protected]

For 2019, we have a special new member cost of $495 that includes the $50 initiation fee, $375 charter fee and $495 annual maintenance fee. Send a completed Membership Application to our PO Box and either send a check for $495 or use our web store to pay by credit card or PayPal.


Those persons or families interested in Club membership are invited to download a New Membership Application from the Pool Documents and Forms page, or to contact us at  [email protected] com to request an Application.

Memberships may also be purchased directly from a current member if prior approval of the sale is obtained from the Board of Directors.  Please let us know if you are purchasing a Club Membership at the recommendation of a current Club member.  That member will receive a 20-visit Guest Pass which is worth $100 and good for 2 swim seasons or a $100 credit toward the following season's maintenance fee as a “thank you” from the Board of Directors.

Memberships are available for a one-time purchase of $375.00 (resale to Club under provision as outlined in the By-Laws) plus a $50 one-time, nonrefundable Initiation Fee.  The Club does not dictate the price of a membership sold privately by a Club member, but the Initiation Fee still applies.  For a $10 Finance Charge, the Club offers purchase of Memberships on an Installment Plan of $75 down payment and 12 monthly payments of $30 each.

An Annual Maintenance Fee, to be paid by May 30, is required of all members for admittance to the Club facilities for the swim season. 2019 Fees are as follows:
  1. Early Bird Discount, postmarked by 4/30/2019 - $485
  2. Maintenance Fee, postmarked by 5/30/2019 - $495
  3. Maintenance Fee + late fee, after 6/1/2019 - $515
  4. Empty-Nester Status maintenance fee - $355 ($325 if paid by 5/15)
    (Must be requested each year.  A household with only 1 or 2 occupants, age 55 years or older.
    Household where other family members reside during the summer months are not eligible).
  5. Renter Membership - $525
    (Available to renters of non-members’ homes.  Fee includes annual maintenance fee)

For 2019, Members can reduce their annual fee by $70 for 8 hours of service. Refer to the Sign-Up Genious for details and requests...

Families are required to complete a Emergency Contact Card (updated annually) for admission to the Pool for the swim season.

Membership Application Form can be accessed on the  Pool Documents and Forms page...

Please contact the Club Secretary, Christy Hyder, at  [email protected],com

“In the summer, there is no better place than the West Laurel Swim Club to meet your neighbors, have fun and maybe even get a little excercise...”
Larry Karpman