Swim Team Registration & Shop

Registration Form & Fees

You must be a member of the West Laurel Swim Club to join the Wahoos swim team. Registration and payment of fees is accomplished online as a two step process:

STEP 1: Complete this registration form for your swimmer(s)

STEP 2: Pay your registration fees below.

Swim Team Membership

Summer swim team membership covers swim team activities. A swim team suit requires a separate purchase.

Register 1 Swimmer (By June 9) - $100.00
Register 2 Swimmers (By June 9) - $180.00
Register 3 Swimmers (By June 9) - $260.00
Register 4 Swimmers (By June 9) - $340.00
Register 5 Swimmers (By June 9) - $420.00

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Please remember to complete the swim team registration form in addition to paying swimmer fees!

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