West Laurel
Swim Lesson Program

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Swim Lesson Payment Information
  • Lessons are $30 per session per student for WLSC members and non-members.
  • Non-Members must also purchase a 10x guest pass for student and one chaperone for $20. For each additional student, a 5x guest pass must be purchased for $10.
  • Guest passes will to kept at the pool for your convenience.
  • Guest passes will be punched at the beginning of each lesson for AM lessons by the lessons coordinator or when the student and chaperone enter the pool on the day of their lesson (by a life guard.)
  • Any additional persons not covered by the guest pass entering the pool grounds while the pool is open (PM lessons) must pay a $5 guest fee per person at the office before entering the grounds.
  • Non-member students and their chaperone can use the pool and its facilities any time during their swim lesson session after their card has been punched.
  • Any remaining punches can be used during the remainder of the 2018 pool season.
Payment Procedures
     Swim lessons can be paid via the WLSC Store using PayPal  or using cash/check that can be dropped off at the WLSC office during operating hours or mailed to:
WLSC, PO Box 217
Laurel, MD 20725-0217
     When dropping off payment at the office, please only give cash or checks to a WLSC lifeguard, the lesson coordinator or a WLSC board member.
     Cash must be exact and in an envelope labeled with the student’s name and member number (if applicable.)
     Make check payable to “West Laurel Swim Club”
Please write student’s name and member number (if applicable) on check.

More Information and/or questions to: [email protected]

Swim Lesson Levels

Learn to swim and have fun

     Welcome to the 2018 WLSC summer swim lesson program! Each swim lesson session will consist of four 50 minute lessons. Each session runs for one week, Monday through Thursday, with Friday set aside as a weather make-up day. Please plan to arrive at the pool 10-15 minutes early so that the teachers have time to find their groups and begin on time!

     2018 Sessions are #1 6/4 (PM Only); #2 6/11 (PM Only); #3 6/18 (PM Only) #4 6/25;  #5 7/2; #6 7/9; #7 7/16; and #8 7/23 . There are AM and PM sessions - See the Registration Form for details...

     There are four swimming levels. A general description is provided below. More detailed information, including the goals and techniques that will be used to help your child achieve those golas, is availalble in the Teacher Guide and Frequently Asked Questions..

Any additional questions can be directed to the swim lesson coordinator before or after lessons or by email.

More information - Kelsey Karpman, Swim Lesson Coordinator, [email protected]
The purpose of level 1 is to allow the student to get comfortable in and around the water and to practice water safety. To achieve this goal students will practice going underwater and holding their breath as well as pushing of the wall both with and without kicking. They will also practice floating on their back. Level 1 is meant for beginner students who have had no formal lessons before or those who are very uncomfortable around water.
The purpose of level 2 is to teach students the basics of swimming. The students will develop their freestyle skills and begin the basics of backstroke. To achieve this goal the students will practice kicking/turning to the side to develop the freestyle breath and begin to build up endurance in the water. They will also work on the basic arm movements of freestyle. Level 2 is meant for students who are comfortable in the water but are not yet quite able to swim complete laps of the pool.
The purpose of level 3 is to improve the students free and back skills while beginning to teach the breaststroke and butterfly kicks. To achieve this goal the students will work on building their endurance in backstroke and freestyle by swimming increasingly larger distances. They will also begin to learn the basic techniques behind the breaststroke and butterfly kicks to prepare them to swim all four competitive strokes.Level 3 is for students who are comfortable swimming freestyle and are ready to begin learning how to swim the other three strokes.
The purpose of level 4 is to teach students the full breaststroke and butterfly strokes while continuing to build up their endurance in freestyle and backstroke. Breaststroke and butterfly are often the hardest strokes for students to learn so most of the instructional time will be dedicated to learning these strokes.Level 4 is for moderately strong swimmers who can correctly swim both free and back for moderate distances who wish to learn breaststroke and butterfly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions are all fully answered in the

Can my child wear a flotation device during the session?
How do I decide which level to pick for my child?
Can my child move to a different level once lessons have started?
How do I know when my child is ready for the next level?
What will be taught at each level?
Does my child have to wear goggles?
Does my child have to wear a swim cap?
Can I help my child during the lesson?