Swim Lessons 2023
Everything you need to know about WLSC Swim Lessons! Read and then scroll down to enroll! Members must be logged in to this website prior to registering to receive member pricing.

Learn to swim and have fun in 2023!

Welcome to the 2023 WLSC summer swim lesson program! We are very excited to be offering swim lessons again this season! Below you will find information about each level, including the goals for the level and techniques that will be used to help your child achieve those goals. You will also find answers to some frequently asked questions about the swim lesson program. Any additional questions can be directed to our swim lesson coordinator, Morgan Jones, before or after lessons or by email: wlscswimlessons [at] gmail [dot] com.

About Swim Lessons 

Each session will consist of four 50 minute lessons. (When you register, it will say 1 hour, but the lessons are 50 minutes.) Each session runs for one week, Monday through Thursday, with Friday set aside as a weather make-up day. Please plan to arrive at the pool 10-15 minutes early so that the teachers have time to find their groups and begin on time!

Level Descriptions

Level 1: Allows the student to get comfortable in and around the water and to practice water safety.
Level 2: Teaches students the basics of swimming.
Level 3: Improves free and back skills while beginning to teach the breaststroke and butterfly kicks.
Level 4: Teaches students the full breaststroke and butterfly strokes, while continuing to build up their endurance in freestyle and backstroke.

More detailed descriptions of the class levels, as well as answers to the questions below, can be found here in the Teachers Guide & FAQ.

  • Can my child wear a flotation device during the session?
  • How do I decide which level to pick for my child?
  • Can my child move to a different level once lessons have started?
  • How do I know when my child is ready for the next level?
  • What will be taught at each level?
  • Does my child have to wear goggles?
  • Does my child have to wear a swim cap?
  • Can I help my child during the lesson?
  • Do you offer private swim lessons?

Registration & Payment Procedures

Swim Lesson Pricing: Lessons are $30 per student for WLSC members and $50 per student for non-members (includes guest fee for one adult parent/guardian).* Any additional guests above the age of 2 years old must purchase a $7 guest pass to enter the pool grounds whether or not they are swimming. Visit our Guest Pass Shop if this applies to you. 

Payment Info: Swim lessons can be paid via the WLSC website using PayPal (which takes credit card or echeck) or using cash/check that can be dropped off at the WLSC office during operating hours or mailed to: WLSC, PO Box 217 Laurel, MD 20725-0217. When dropping off payment at the office, please only give cash or checks to a WLSC lifeguard, the lesson coordinator, or a WLSC board member. Cash must be exact and in an envelope labeled with the student’s name and member number (if applicable.) Make check payable to “West Laurel Swim Club” Please write student’s name and member number (if applicable) on check.

* Important Note for Online Payments: Members MUST be logged in to the website to receive Member Pricing! Our site will default to charging Non-Member pricing UNLESS you are logged in!

Upcoming Swim Lessons

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