Wall of Summer Memories

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Wall of Summer Memories

50 YEARS of SUMMER FUN at the WLSC Help us create a WALL OF SUMMER MEMORIES Design your own original artwork or submit a photo representing what the WLSC means to you and your family. A ceramic tile will be created from your artwork and hung in the pool office for all to enjoy! Consider making more than one! Or even a tile grouping of 2 or 4 or __. MINIMUM DONATION OF $25 PER TILE TO TAKE US INTO THE NEXT 50 YEARS Artwork can be done with crayons, markers, paints or colored pencils (if colored brightly) on special 8 x 8 paper given to you by a WLSC Board Member. See the attached pages for additional information about creating the perfect piece. Computer –generated de-signs and photos can be submitted in jpeg format. Email photos and digital artwork in jpeg ONLY to wlswimclub@gmail.com by December 1st.

Name your price $ (min $25.00)

Flyer and Details to Make a Tile
FYI: Tile Vendor Source - Original Works

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